Pinhole is a technology-based company, working with sensor development and advanced signal processing techniques. We exploit multi-sensor data fusion to accurately describe biological processes mathematically.

Famous mathematical biologist and lecturer at Harvard, Yale and Stanford Universities J.E. Cohen, said – “Mathematics is Biology´s next microscope, only better”.

At Pinhole we incorporate diverse mathematical approach into signals processing technique that enables high precision assessment of heart performance and detection of abnormal heart rhythms in real time continuously.

We have as a goal to empower individuals with chronic health conditions involved in daily self-care. 90% of follow up on chronic health condition happens outside hospitals, where patients do not have access to advanced medical technology. With our product we set our heart on making monitoring of chronic heart conditions in kids fun for them and easy for their parents or caretakers.


In 1971, at the age of 6, I sat on the lap of my grandmother while she was reading to me from a book about the solar system. From that time on I wanted to become an astronomer. I got my first telescope at the age of 10 and spent most of my earnings on advanced telescope 5 years later. My passion for astronomy also matched with a talent for mathematics and physics, which earned me a PhD in theoretical physics (complex plasma) at age 29.

In the years following my PhD I worked mainly with experimental physics, building camera systems and optical sensors for rocket payloads. I became professor at the Institute of Physics and Technology, University of Tromsø, in 2003, 9 years after my PhD. I had been holding this position for 6 years, before I decided to depart from university and try my luck in the business world.

So I started Taco Scientific AS, a company that offered my knowledge and expertise in optics and hardware integration to institutions and industrial customers in the need for developing optical instrumentations that are not available “on the shelf”. During my years in Taco Scientific, I found myself equally much a student in the art of running a business than a skilled developer of various optical sensors and cameras. I also experienced that governmental businesses often are not willing to pay the real cost of services from external partners due to tight budgets. I therefore wanted to shift the focus towards the customer market and offer the results from science and improvements in technology to the general public. Additionally, I realized that in order to undertake the roles of business development, serious product developmen and proper customer follow-up, I had to expand the business.

To mark the change in business strategy and the need for more human resources, I teamed up with two other skilled mates to start a new venture, Pinhole AS. Together we aim at developing a company that transforms the advances in science and technology to products that improve the lives of others.


Oleksandra holds master in Business Creation and Entrepreneurship from the University of Tromsø. She started her career as a sales manager and later on as a marketing and PR manager at a small distribution company for professional hair care products. Working in a small company, with limited financial resources but limitless ambitions to promote totally new product to the national market, was fascinating and challenging task. Together with professional hairdresser she was developing unconventional promotion technique, which paid off in almost immediate increase in sales.  She developed wide regional customer base in a 2-month period. Expansion of the customer base has led to 70% present increase in yearly sales comparing to previous year.

Her passion for technology was the main motivation to continue education in commercialization of technology-based innovations. One year after the education she was employed by a small spin off company, working with evaluation of alternative application areas for a technology based innovation.


Vasyl joined the Pinhole team as an engineering partner in 2014. He hails from Kharkiv, Ukraine. Along with his technical knowledge, he brings expertise in research activities and software development of sophisticated methods for signal processing and analysis.

Prior to joining Pinhole AS, Vasyl conducted research in the field of radio waves propagating in inhomogeneous media. He led and participated in a number of international experiments involving observations in upper atmosphere and ionosphere with the use of both coherent and incoherent scatter radars.

Vasyl studied radio physics and engineering at Kharkiv State University, where he did his graduate research at the Department of Antennas and Radio Wave Propagation on unique data collected at the world largest HF band research antenna of the UTR-2 radio telescope.

Vasyl received a Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics from Leningrad State University. Usually, the peak of his brain activity takes place early morning.

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